Cultural Arts

Cultural Arts enables Your Helping Hands to move its work in directions other than heritage. While still allowing us to be focused on the community, it means that we can celebrate parts of the shared community culture that are distinct from this. For example Cultural Arts has focused on Wolverhampton’s Asian community’s cultural heritage aside from history, such as Holi and Diwali festivals.

However, Cultural Arts’ most crucial contribution to our network is its exploration of how new technologies can affect the heritage and culture which we are seeking to capture, safeguard, and raise awareness of. For example, it was through the research and initiative of Cultural Arts that we have decided upon future directions for Your Helping Hands, in terms of how we gather and manage heritage.

Again here, this is where the methods and aims of each distinct company overlap and combine in order to bring unique experiences to Wolverhampton’s communities. Not only do Cultural Arts provide us with expert strategy of how to move forwards and explore new technologies; it also provides us with new ways of engaging young people through this technology, as well as an opportunity to offer further training into areas which were not previously available to elderly members of our communities. We have found, somewhat surprisingly, that upon discussing these new technologies and how they will be deployed to safeguard and promote community heritage, there was enormous enthusiasm and excitement from elderly members of our communities in terms of getting involved in using these new digital formats.

Finally, Cultural Arts encourages all members of the community who contribute to our projects to specifically design and create content for our online and social media platforms. Through using the direction of Your Helping Hands’ projects and Employment Training Network’s expertise in digital management, Cultural Arts brings members of the community on board to create and tell the stories in the ways they wish it to be told.