Employment Training Network

Employment Training Network’s partnership with Your Helping Hands works through Employment Training Network providing assistance, strategy, equipment and expertise in order that YHH can ensure community participants in our projects receive appropriate and high quality training as our projects move forwards. This is done through a range of activities, and for a variety of purposes.

One of Employment Training Network’s most significant contributions through our partnership has been to assist members of the community for whom English is not their primary language. While individuals we helped through our projects may have had some basic understanding of speaking and listening in English, they often lacked the confidence and familiarity with using English to communicate online to one another. Also, wherever necessary, Employment Training Network’s team of multi-lingual individuals were able to assist those who can often feel isolated and excluded in community work such as this. Wherever we work with communities where individuals have different levels of English capabilities, it is critical that we make sure nobody feels as though they are being left behind – and Employment Training Network’s team were instrumental in ensuring that Your Helping Hands were able to do this.

Our Projects With ETN…