Health and Wellbeams

Health and Well BEAMS operates with a slightly different focus to the other arms of our community network, in that it is concerned exclusively with adult education with a concentration on health concerns.

However, it still forms an important part of our network in the services that it provides, and the different ways it combines with our other companies and charities and its contribution to our overall work. Firstly, the work done by Health and Well BEAMS cooperates with Employment Training Network, in that we discovered that many of the health issues faced by the communities we serve are not only disproportionately affecting the black and ethnic minority communities of Wolverhampton, but that these issues are often made more acute by a lack of knowledge with the English language and ability to research and discover treatment options.

Therefore Employment Training Network has a large role to play alongside Health and Well BEAMS, as it tackles the problems of language barriers as well as the isolation that community members can often feel.

When taken together, it combines with Your Helping Hands and Cultural Arts, as through our projects we can aim to create healthier people through our engagements and activities. For instance our projects are often not just an opportunity to learn about culture and heritage, in a way that takes into account challenges with languages, but also provide a way for people to feel active in the community. Indeed, our projects also often provide a chance for community members to become more physically active, bringing together Health and Well BEAMS’ aims of creating healthier and more active community members, but doing so in a way that raises awareness of historical and cultural themes that are relevant to individuals themselves and engages them.

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