Our Team

The board of directors of Your Helping Hands is made up of individuals with a vast amount of experience in the private sector. Furthermore, each and every one of them has been active in different aspects of community work and volunteering throughout their lives, meaning they are perfectly places to tackle the issues we have identified, in the ways in which we have decided upon. Finally, their combined acumen and experience has placed all of our organisations on the kind of stable footing which is necessary to be able to deliver real change to local people.

Beyond our board members, directors and trustees, we have a varied team of project officers who bring different types of valuable skills to our work. Members contribute their creativity, knowledge, compassion, knowledge of local people, connections in the local community and business, and above all their time and enthusiasm to bring tailor-made projects to our communities. The variety of skills our project officers possess have ensured that we are able to create new ways of helping local people to improve their situations.

Finally, the dedication of our local volunteers completes our team and the nature of the work we are able to carry out. Without their hard work which goes towards moving our projects forwards on the ground, bringing new individuals into the scope of our work, and identifying the directions we need to move into for the future, Your Helping Hands and its partners would not be able to make the changes everyone, from the volunteers up to the board members, want to see in Wolverhampton.