Who We Are

Your Helping Hands, Employment Training Network and Cultural Arts together form a close-knit partnership which delivers a range of projects and services for Wolverhampton’s communities. Although each entity provides its own specific ways of reaching out to these communities, when they come together their objectives combine with each other to ensure a well-rounded approach to community work.

By operating together in this way, we ensure that the people of Wolverhampton have quality access to services which: aid in moving individuals closer to the job market and social or financial security (Quad Bike Project, IT for Beginners and BME programme), raising awareness of our shared historical backgrounds (The Turban Project), providing care and assistance to hard-to-reach and at-risk individuals (Fuelling Winter, Reminiscing in Old English Gardens programmes and the Sweardown Project), and providing an inclusive space for communities to express their own, unique cultural identities.

These programmes have tackled a variety of issues which face many of Wolverhampton’s diverse communities in a multitude of ways, with special attention paid to the sensitive nature of these problems within each community.

Our History

During 2009 we found ourselves as part of a community group, that addressed some of the key issues in Wolverhampton faced by the diverse community within the city.

It then opened our eyes to see the mass of disadvantaged groups that were silently crying out for a helping hand.  This resulted in empowering us with the passion to form our own charitable organisation in December 2011.  Some of the issues that we recognised and aim to address are: overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, financial constraints, social disadvantage, etc.  These are further developed by our charitable objective.

Our Mission

Our overall mission is to change many of the situations Wolverhampton’s various communities find themselves in. Whether this is individuals being excluded from the job market, communities feeling out of touch with their cultural heritage, or families lacking necessary social connections, we aim to combine the efforts of our organisations together to remedy this.

We believe that the people of Wolverhampton represent a strong collective, and that we can create stronger communities by working together.